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Why pay full retail for true factory-backed Mopar or Ford extended warranty protection? For the best coverage at the lowest price, buy your Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Jeep, Ford, Lincoln or Mercury extended service warranty online here from Zeigler Auto Group! We also will match prices for identical New Ford|Lincoln Protect Plans and identical New Mopar Vehicle Protection Plans at the time of purchase. Free financing options are available, and extended service warranties come with no sales tax.

To obtain an online quote for a genuine factory-backed Mopar or Ford extended service warranty, simply click either this Mopar Vehicle Protection Plans menu link or this Ford Protect Extended Service Plans (ESP) menu link at the top of this page and proceed through the easy-to-use Quick Quote steps available on both sites.

Our handy Quick Quote system is available anytime day or night, so you can buy a Mopar or Ford extended warranty immediately. You may also call our United States based call center, Zeigler Auto Group, at 269.685.3557 and one our extended warranty specialists will be happy to help you.

If you have already gotten a quote, submit the quote number in the Review Quote section or login to the Customer Login section at the right of this page and review your previous application or contract information. You may also perform either of these processes in the Mopar and Ford extended warranty Zeigler Auto Group sites.